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From BLOG—->to VLOG!!

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3rd year is on the horizon…


I have neglected you all and I am soooo sorry!!! When some of my friends at other D-schools told me that 2nd year is waaay too busy, that was definitely an understatement. Mixing biomedical science residual courses and spending more time building clinical skill kicks your butt as far as time management goes. 

I can now say that I have safely and efficiently made it out of that neck of the woods.

And have even PASSED the NBDE Part I!!!!!

Currently, my classmates and I are all on Summer Break for the next 4 weeks (started off with 5). And it’s just so surreal! Time flies when you’re living from exam to exam…performance assessment to performance assessments. ;-)

During the school year, we were required to keep a portfolio of specific clinical procedures that we had to complete. I will be sharing screen shots of these procedures and explaining them as I have done in the past. 

More to come so stay tuned…


Until then,

Peace, Love, & Dentistry


I KNOW: It’s been a while…

I know…
I know…
I know…
IT HAS BEEN QUITE a while since I have last updated this blog.
But please charge it to my enrollment at CDMI! We have been inundated with work, exams, quizzes, and preparation for the NBDE Part I as 2nd years candidates for the Doctor of Dental Medicine degree.

I would like to update more, but unfortunately, with all that is taking place it is very tough.

I’m looking for another angle to approach the blogging situation, considering that when I begin working with real patients, I won’t have much to photograph or videotape…without the permission of my patients.

In the meantime (in between time) I will just have to update you all on my community service projects and other aspects of my life as a dental student.

Until next time,


-JessB <3 

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Stay Tuned…

My deepest apologies to those of you who have diligently followed my blog with hopes of getting new news and updates of the happenings at CDMI!

MY LIFE has been beyond busy and I can’t even begin to explain how unfortunate it has been to not have been able to report to you on a regular basis, as I have done in the past.

I am getting married in 8 DAYS to the love of my life, which is really why I haven’t had the time to put together a decent blog posting. I did not want to just throw something together just for the sake of throwing something together. My “detailed’ blog postings take hours to put together, hence why I haven’t had the time. Between classes for the past two quarters, I have been wedding planning and traveling.

It is my hope that, as I have successfully completed my 1st quarter as a D2, and embark on the Fall Quarter with the FIRST year of having 2 classes on the campus of CDMI, I will have many new adventures and exciting details to post for your enjoyment and to answer questions.

So…please stay tuned! Until next time…image

Peace, Love, & Dentistry